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I have read that the default is "off", as I have not seen it for quite a while. It was in full force during the recent blackout here. I just have not seen it working for a while... Can anyone explain where I can check the state of its operation or set it up? Cheers. ======================================================== Thanks, I have discovered that the DPMS servers I use for "off" are no longer updated. It used to have a red 'OFF' button, or a 'n/a' (not available) state, or just a checkbox, in addition to a multi-select list of what modes the monitors could support. If it has since been updated, it is not working as it should. And it is a fairly simple matter to have the DPMS monitors come back on with no disruption to my desktop. A bit of searching shows that, at least on my PC and PS3, DPMS is a Radeon device, and I have some tweaks for it that allow me to set the monitor mode when it is not present, as it is set to default to 'unknown'. There are three options for DPMS on my Radeon 9800, and I had them all selected when the monitor went to sleep in the recent blackout. I've restarted the DPMS services since then, but it is still showing that it is "off". The default is to turn off the monitor, as the ATI drivers do not manage them very well, if at all. I would add that XRandR does a great job of turning them back on, and you can also use the XRandR DPMS plugin to do this. There's no such thing as an 'off' button. You can set the monitor to turn off if you want. However, your monitor will wake up when it thinks it's time to display again, and some displays will wake up the computer, if you have a custom timeout set. As the others have said, the monitors will come back on. If you have the monitor plugged in, you'll get a BIOS POST error, and it won't do anything else (so no resolution changes, no VT switching, no nothing). This is normal. You won't be able to see anything on the screen at all, until the DPMS processes get around to waking up the display. If you have DPMS turned off, and you leave

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